How can I set "Int awesomelevel * 2" in "Int epiclevel"? ( Exercise 12 )


When I type Int epic level = 121*2 It says "DID YOU MULTIPLY AWESOMELEVEL BY 2 ?" While Int Awesomelevel="121"



int Awesomelevel = 121

you have assigned the int Value 121 to the variable Awesomelevel
( as a Note:: sometimes the convention sees this definition as a CONSTANT and by this convention you use all-Uppercase names like: AWESOMELEVEL )

If you now use this variable-name Awesomelevel the Interpreter will use the associated Value
like in

int epiclevel = Awesomelevel * 2


Thank you! Your note just solved my problem! I didn't realize I didn't need to write 'int" again.