How can I send SMS to my customers using Python?


I want to send SMS to the users who register on my website, is there any way to send SMS using Python?


Have you googled? I get plenty of results while entering python sms in google for example


I imagine phone networks work similar to the internet, or maybe it’s the same really, that telecom companies have agreements with each other allowing them to send messages and other traffic between each other

Without such connections you won’t be able to directly send sms

So really it has nothing to do with python, but with communicating with a telecom company that sends them for you, you’d set up an account with them, get credentials, and then you can use those credentials to send requests (something just about any programming language is likely to support)

Email is pretty much the same as well, unless your email server has some amount of trust with others, you’d get ignored (perhaps there is some tolerance if there’s no sign of abuse). At least that sits on top of internet, no hardware is involved - drastically lowering the entry barriers.


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