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How can I see the result of my code?

Hello world!

I just finished the course ‘Make a Website’, which was really fun and due to which I now want to build my own website.
‘The internet’ recommended me to install GitHub Desktop for this, which I did. I use Visual Studio Code to write scripts (index.html and main.ccs for example). However, only updates when I have shut down both programs. This might sound all silly to you guys, but I’m just a noob who just started to learn.
Now my question: is there an easier way to build a website from scratch? And specifically a method that allows me to write in one window, and see the result (after running the code) in another window (similar to the courses on here or like the online version of latex).

Thanks in advance!

Download the vscode extension called Live Preview and you’ll be able to code and see the result of your code in real time for HTML/CSS/JS

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You can also just open the .html files directly from your PC and see the results in any browser. :slight_smile:

(It’s slightly more involved if you’re working with something like PHP, or anything which needs a server to do the processing.)