How can I see it whitout codecademy?


I completed the course and I copied it to notepad ++ now I want to open it whitout codecademy whit my standard browser and didn't see any thing of it

plz help me


depending on what language you are using, sometimes you can't just open the file and expect to see the same results. you may or may not need an IDE.

what language are you working with?


I added http: in front of the // of the jquery source, without that change my firefox seems to look locally for that file, and doesn't find it.


Did you copy both files, index.html and main.js and save them in the same directory?

Did you add http: to the jQuery .js file?


I was jusing javascript and html

what do you mean whit dit you add http: to the jQuery .js file?

where do i need to add the http:?


this is what i have in html:

script type="text/javascript" src="//" /script
script type="text/javascript" src="" /script
canvas id="myCanvas" /canvas
script type="text/javascript" src="" /script
script type="text/javascript" src="main.js" /script

and this is what i have in js:

var myName = "Bas Abbink";

var red = [0, 100, 63];
var orange = [40, 100, 60];
var green = [75, 100, 40];
var blue = [196, 77, 55];
var purple = [280, 50, 60];
var letterColors = [red, orange, green, blue, purple];

drawName(myName, letterColors);

if(10 < 3)
bubbleShape = 'square';
bubbleShape = 'circle';



Add http: to the beginning of this URL -- unless that file is located on your local computer?


Thank you that worked great.


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