How can I run my HTML code using Visual Stdio Code?

I am using the Visual Studio Code tool to develop my website. I have then two files: index.html and style.css with their corresponding code. index.html makes reference to the CSS file through a link:

However, when trying to run the HTML file to visualize it in my Chrome browser, I cannot see displayed any of the styling included in the CSS file.

Am I missing something?

Hey there and welcome to the forums :grinning:

My first guess would be that this could be a problem with file structure. Are you sure your link has the right file path? Currently style.css must be in the same folder with index.html

Could you post your code formatted?
Simply press this button:

Than copy/paste your code between the two rows of backticks:

I can’t even get mine to display anything on chrome, i’m not sure i’m doing it right at all

it may be the launch.json issue i think any information would be helpful.