How can I reset my course or exercise progress?


This will depend on the format of the course that you wish to reset.

In a new course

If you go to the first exercise in the course and follow these steps it will reset the entire course.

1. Click the “Get Help” button:

2. Click the “I want to restart this exercise”, then the confirmation that will follow:

In an old course

(HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby):

You can reset only one exercise at a time.

Click the “Reset Code” button:

To reset all of your course progress...

The best thing to do is to create a new account. You can modify your email address and use that to sign up for a new Codecademy account. For example, if your email was, you can modify it to, and then sign up for a new Codecademy account using Alternatively, you can delete your account and sign up again with the same email address.

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