How can I reset HTML and CSS without needing to make a new account?

I wanted to reset HTML and CSS tutorial without me needing to make a new account, because there is the names of the girls (the bad ones), and I accidentally did it last year, but I wanted to remove all of them, so can I reset the HTML and CSS?

Hey, Please read this article for information on how to reset a course

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But I have too much that is related to the “girl that is Vietnamese, and she is young”.

Then maybe just create a new account

I don’t want to ruin 15 projects

Unfortunately the old courses thus HTML & CSS doesn’t have an option to reset the entire course you can only reset each lesson

Why not simple export the projects to local files on your computer or a cloud backup/external hard disk backup, you can also just create a new account without removing the old one

I finished 21 skills really hard, and it took me around 3-4 months to finish, I cannot restart the whole thing, most doesn’t even have the girl picture, and I have 171 badges too. Why do I have to waste all my hard work, except HTML and CSS, and restart, that is DUMB.

HTML&CSS is an old course and does not have the feature to reset the entire course in one step. At what point in the course do you have code that you would like to change?