How can I replace the React Course with VueJs course in my path?

I am doing the “Web Development” Path.
In this path, I have to learn React for the front-end.
I don’t want to use React to develop front-end. Instead, I want to use VueJs. How can I replace the React Course with VueJs course in my path?
If that’s not possible how can I mark that as complete without doing it?

Hey there, Gaurav. :wave:

Here’s the link to the Vue.js course: Vue.js

As far as removing it from the Web Development path itself, it is not possible as any pathways on Codecademy are preset by the curriculum team themselves at Codecademy.

In terms of marking it as completed, you do have to go through the lessons one by one and finished all the given quizzes at each stage. As far as the projects in the course are concern, what I do know and experienced with the other courses is that you can mark them as completed even without actually doing it.

However my suggestion to you would be, do not be so quick to exclude React as part of your developer tool-belt, as this is still a highly favorable framework in the industry and you will have a significant advantage by having the fluency in it, along with your fluency in Vue as well.

Hope that helps and gives you some insights into the matter.

P.S: Try exploring Svetle as well, once you’re comfortable with your React and Vue. It is still in the early stages, but it is a rapidly upcoming powerhouse framework :slight_smile:

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