How can I rename a function?

The function mult_two_add_three takes a number, multiplies it by two and adds three. We want to make this more flexible. First, change the name of the function to mult_x_add_y .

Sure, I’d love to. But how do I change the name of a function? Kinda confused here.

ETA: I got it now. It wanted me to literally change the name of the function in the code, which had been empty/overwritten with stuff from previous sections. Had to reset the section.

How do I rename a function?

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when you define a function:

def example():

you can rename the function at the definition:

def rename():
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not get it yet? you mean ‘rename’ is a function? could u be more specific?

Given the def word defines a function, yes, rename is a function. The only way to rename a function is to change the code .

i mean , is ‘rename’ a syntax?
so we only rename by delete the old and write new name it? but every later called function will not be changed?

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no, its just the name of the function.

most IDE’s and text-editors support renaming functions and methods, which will find the callers which then get renamed as well

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I’m lost. I have no idea what they are asking to do?

if you want to change the name of the function after its definition , you can do this

def example():

change the name of function

new_name = example

so, here you can call the function by using any name,for eg:-