How can I put images to html?

Hello there!

I am very new here, only 2 days in and I am learning HTML/Images. so I have tried to put images as finding online and copy paste the link, it doesn’t work. Could someone explain me how does that work?

Thank you!!!

It should be in the course instructions on how to do it.
But the basic syntax is as follows:
<img src"imagePath" alt="Text to show when image cannot be seen.">

make sure to copy the image location/source, the url should end with .jpg, .png or any other image format

we can help you better if you showed us what you tried

1 Like I was trying to put this one, but even though I put the codes correct, this link was not. So Photo wasnt shown.

Sorry link was this :

I can put the codes, but my problem is that I cant put right URL, and I dont know how to do so.

please read this topic:

How to ask good questions (and get good answers)

your post is fine, but this topic also include information about formatting, this way you can post the html code with the links in a convenient way.

Make sure to only use the link to the image and not to a image on a webpage. The link you posted is to the image on google images, that wont work.
This is what the image looks like on it’s own.

Hi,Please try it.

This coding only sample,what you want please search and find the solution then try.