How can i plot and visualise (X,Y,Z, time dependent scalar), like slice in matlab

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D
from mayavi import mlab
import as cm

wn = np.zeros((nx,ny,nz,r))
[X,Y,Z1]= np.meshgrid(x,y,z1)
t= np.arange(0,T,dt)

for k in range (1,len(t)-2):
 for i in range (1,nx-2):
  for j in range (1,ny-2):
   for l in range (1,ny-2):
     wn[i,j,l,k+1] = 2*wn[i,j,l,k]-wn[i,j,l,k-1] + cfl**2 *(wn[i+1,j,l,k] +wn[i,j+1,l,k] + wn[i,j,l+1,k] - 6*wn[i,j,l,k] +wn[i-1,j,l,k] + wn[i,j-1,l,k] +wn[i,j,l-1,k])

m = cm.ScalarMappable(cmap=cm.jet)

tried plotting using below comment but does not got any result

s1 = mlab.volume_slice(X,Y,Z1,Z)

plz help any how to visualize my result in a 3d plot for which can be varient with another variable (time)