How can I make my submit button send the information to another document?

How can I make the submit button send the information to another document? I have read some articles from this forum and from w3schools but i still don’t get it. I tried to use the both methods, GET and POST, but the document still remains empty. This is my code

Having a text-area doesn’t mean you actually have a text-file. You would need to create a text-file and insert the content from the text-area

this can be done in front-end (using blob) or back-end.

front-end examples:

Creating Javascript Blob() with data from HTML Element. Then downloading it as a text file - Stack Overflow

back-end would mean sending the form to your server, process the content there, create the file and send a downloadable response.

Thank you! But isn’t there a method to do it just in HTML? I’ve just started learning and i don’t know much about other code languages. Or I should just continue my studies and I will learn about it in a future course?

html is just a markup language. Html does not have the capacity to create text files.

that depends on the course you take, I don’t think codecademy has anything with creating a blob. But after learning JavaScript, you can find tutorials specific for blob.