How can I link to a file on my own computer?

-  index.html
-  style.css

Above, index.html and style.css both have the same parent directory.


Oh I get it. Thanks a lot.


Hi mtf, thank you very much for contributing so much to this forum!

A lot of newbies (myself included) do not know every abbreviation yet.
It would be incredibly helpful if you could type the long word out. Thanks :slight_smile:

The only abbreviations that I can see there are URL and CDN.

URL => Universal Resource Locator

Every URL contains a protocol, a domain, and a resource. If the URL is to a local resource, it need only consist of the path and the name of the resource but if it is external (off-site) it will need to be complete.

The above is a URL that has left the name of the resource off, but we know what that resource will be… The index page of that folder. By not specifying it by name we leave open the many possible names for the default index page. It can have any extension that applies to a web page. Even names many vary.


Other extensions could be, .php, .asp, .cfm, and so on, depending on the server environment. The server will decide which file to default to.

URLs for the web are resolved by the Domain Name System servers (DNS) to their fixed IP address as listed in the host namespace servers. How the system works is a subject for further study, but is not that complicated.

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network which are very commonly used when visitors can be from all over the world. CDNs can be set up in several cities of one country, as well as in several cities around the world. This enables the site to serve resources from the closest server to the requesting client.

Large hosting companies will usually have hundreds if not thousands of data centers that all contain roughly the same data. Such a system ensures that a site is scalable (can take on thousands of visitors at a time) and its pages fast loading. Most apps leverage this to deliver quick, real time content to the client.


Wow, I did not expect such a lengthy answer!

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it so thoroughly! I could understand it very well.

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You can link to a file on your computer if you can put the file in the same folder you have your html files in. Then you use a relative path to link to the file.

Can I use instead of ? Thx

great explanation thanks mtf for your contribution on CDN.

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links are two section internal link and external link.
Internal links is coming from local computer.
External links is outside of the computer.