How can I learn LUA


I’m new at coding, and I’d like to learn LUA first.

Anyone know where I can learn it?


With a very easy google search


Hello @dreadful012, Welcome to Codecademy!

Although you said you are new at coding, you also stated that you wanted to learn LUA first. I am curious about what information or source you read to wanna start learning LUA instead of any other programming language.

If you are newbie at coding, I would recommend taking one of the Codecademy courses to start learning about the basis of programming, like Python (easy syntax, readability), JavaScript (mostly used on browsers), Java (a bit harder at the start but widely used today on software development, mobile apps, etc), and so on.


To make epic Roblox games, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


Free documentation is on the website which someone has already linked, but since in-depth books are my favorite, I recommend investing some money in them to receive the best experience.


I have posted before about some courses to learn LUA as programming language and also a great 2D Game Dev Framework based on it, which is called Love2D.

Here is my post about it: Learning Lua?


It really depends on what you plan on using lua for, but since you have no experience on it, start with the official lua manual. It states everything you need to know about base lua from values to loops. Lua is a simple but powerful language, I wish you luck!


Beware: Lua starts indices from 1. Just an FYI.