How can i learn binary?

where can i learn binary?

Hello @hotdogger2020, welcome to the forums! There are many good articles/websites out there. Here’s one of them.

thank you @codeneutrino for that but it only showed how to read binary and not how to code on it

Oh. You mean you want to learn how to write binary machine code? Here is a StackOverflow question on the same thing. Basically, you can, but there isn’t any real need to.

@codeneutrinoi already read this page it does not help me

Have you read all of the answers given? The takeaways I got is that you would need to learn the Assembly language, and become experienced with it. Then with more effort, you could look to learn to “translate” Assembly into binary.

I don’t think learning binary is very popular. Just find books based on writing it or something.

Very Cool! My dad worked in Binary and that would be the only reason why I would want to learn it. Maybe I will add it to my skills, but I have other skills I want to work on first.