How can I know if my translator works properly?

Thank you so much for sharing!!! Question: How would I have known to type this: out_word = new_word[1:len(new_word)]
instead of : new_word =new_word[1:len(new_word)]?

What you shared was not in the lesson.

Often times I check my work using the python 3.7.3 shell and it will work for checking for errors but behaves differentely than the terminal in codeacademy. Is there a terminal for python where it will behave the same as the one used in codeacademy?

If you take the free python course, its python2. so you could install python2.7.3 and use that. Then you have he same version as CC

I have the same issue. Can someone answer why? Is it limited to any amount of characters?

My translator doesn’t run at all.

i am going to be blunt, which very likely means i will get a flag. Your reply/question is not great, please see this topic:

How to ask good questions (and get good answers)

to provide the necessary information so we can help you

wow, i get a popup saying i already mention the ask good question topic within this topic. Do people not even bother to read the topic they are replying to? Now i am going to get a flag for sure.


I’m sorry sir/madam I didn’t realise that my question would bring such anger to your heart. As an unqualified 13y/o trying to learn so that she might have a better chance in the world I did not think about others. This and the fire that must burn in your eyes, puts me to shame as I should always put others before myself. Furthermore I will withdraw all further questions from your reign of terror (forum) as I do not want to hurt you or ruin your precious stomping grounds (Kingdom) again. Also I sincerely hope that you do not get flagged as this will damage my spirits and think I have caused unnecessary damage to others who where merely stating their (ferocious) mind to me.
After all we are only humans.

I will not be taking a look at that advice as I do know how to ask good questions(I am not stupid) and I thought it was pretty clear (evidently not all programmers are great thinkers).

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Sir/Madam I am sorry if I was to blunt or harsh with you.
I hope anything I said wasn’t to detrimental to your career or my lessons at codecadamey

No anger, just unbelief, its really difficult to help someone with no information, which is why over the years we put a lot effort into improving that

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It’s disbelief not unbelief. And I do not feel the need to ask questions w

that is up to you.

line 8 should be:

new_word = word + pyg

so that new_word becomes “appleay”. or is the double “a” intentional?

also, there’s no instructions to print new_word to see it’s new value.

that is the next exercise.

you could make a condition to check if the first letter equals 'a', its something to consider

I am also getting the same problem

I should get in lower case so what is he error ?

You convert lowercase, this conversion is successful, but you never print this.

Hi! The reason you’re getting an error is because you are using:

print original
When you should be using:

print new_word

You want to have your translator print the new (ie translated) word, instead of the original (ie input) word! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I seem to be encountering some kind of strange bug with this lesson. I made it all the way to the last step, but when I hit “run,” the loading icon shows and never stops spinning. I can type in a word and hit enter to test it, but even though I ended up showing the answer and having the lesson auto-complete with the correct solution and it says it’s correct and completed, it’s just returning the exact word I enter. So, for example, if I enter “test,” it just prints “test”.

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Can i see your code?

after slicing the new word, try writing new_word = new_word and then in the next line type print new_word. this does not fix the capitilization (atleast for me) but it fixes the translator