How can I know how much time I have spent in CodeCademy?

Hey, since we’re data typers, gatherers and drivers: does anyone know how to translate badges or points into actual time (hours, minutes)?
It will be great so you can realize your timing, what took you to get there, what you have ahead.
Cheers to all the learners!


My 2 cents: I think it’s generally considered antithetical to the process. The reasons are that for one people inherently learn at a different pace, and it’s more valuable to retain the information rather than tick the box of getting it right the first time. I can give the personal example that even though I completed the cs path, I don’t consider myself to have an adequate grasp of all the data structures (at a necessary level at least). Had I rushed it, I feel like I’d be even less secure with that knowledge.

However, you could track your own progress and make your own conclusions. There is value in that.


I think @toastedpitabread is correct, from a pedagogical viewpoint.

I think what I’m hearing from @kikkong, though, is that while getting into the groove of learning, it would be nice to get a little positive feedback, understand the relationship between effort-in and outcomes, and to start being able to estimate what you’ve got ahead.

What our team of volunteer super users and moderators know really well is that the learning process looks suuuuper different for everyone, so a solution like codifying badges/points into time spent wouldn’t really function as intended; there’s too much variance across the experiences.

But it doesn’t make the problem you’re facing any less salient! You want to know what progress you’re making, and you want a clearer path forward.

I hope you continue to come back and give us updates as it becomes clearer.

PS, very nice art in your portfolio.


Hey @alyssavigil, hey @toastedpitabread,
Thank you very much for your replies!
Yes, @alyssavigil is totally right: I was framing it just from the ‘understanding’ point of view.
Somehow I managed to portray myself as an ‘über-performance-nerd’, which doesn’t have anything to do with reality: I even think, coming from a bit from sport performance, that rest days (like absolute rest, like aloha shirt, cooler in hand, and just letting time roll, kind of rest) are a must, and that time is just one parameter more. Even in sport science, no one uses time anymore as the sole indicator of the training load/intensity.
‘Effort’ is the key, and that’s unique for each personal surroundings, mindset, habits, routine, and many other things.
I’m even trying to get the 30 day streak, and I’m not sure that’s useful from a learning point of view; but I like to experience things myself and make my own mind –I’ll keep you posted on that.
I was just asking if there was a way of getting the parameter “time” into the equation.
All the best to you all.
Much love from Amsterdam :black_heart:,


P.S: Thanks for the compliments @alyssavigil, I can’t wait to translate all that stuff into a really cool digital/online experience!


Is there a way to view or download data on how much time I have spent on different chapters in codecademy?


Hey @bjornhansell, apparently there isn’t.