How can I keep the change to any list when I use my function? Censor Dispenser
As you can see I have the negative_words list, but obviously I want it to work on any list I put in.

negative_words = ["concerned", "behind", "danger", "dangerous", "alarming", "alarmed", "out of control", "help", "unhappy", "bad", "upset", "awful", "broken", "damage", "damaging", "dismal", "distressed", "distressing", "concerning", "horrible", "horribly", "questionable"]

def handle_up_low(lst_of_wrds): #my function
  new_lst = []
  for word in lst_of_wrds:
  lst_of_wrds = new_lst
  return lst_of_wrds
print(handle_up_low(negative_words))#prints out altered version
print(negative_words)#prints out original version

How can I keep the changes made to negative_words, or any list?

Maybe something like this?

new_storage_variable = handle_up_low(negative_words)

That’s a cool idea, but instead of making a new_storage variable maybe something like this?
lst = handle_up_low(lst)
Mmm, but I wish there was a way to make the changes stick. It would be kind of annoying having to do that everytime.

Tea, but I don’t recommend naming it the same thing

new_lst = handle_up_low(lst)

Yeah, and I usually wouldn’t, it’s just the function was made to alter the original list, so I didn’t have to do extra work in making sure my censor functions handle upper and title case words.

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