How can I go back to the first video after my first lesson and follow the instructions to build my recommended project in html?

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Hello @net9943185968, welcome to the forums! Do you mean revisit a lesson? If so, you just go to the module that the lesson is in, and click on the lesson.

Hi there, welcome to the forums.

I’m wondering if perhaps you are referring to the “Feel like a challenge?” notifications which occasionally pop up as you progress through the courses…

If that is what you mean, since you’re doing the HTML course I think the most likely project it was suggesting to you would be the Build Your Own Cheatsheet one.

You can find it, and all the other Challenge Projects, on the Dashboard under the “Practice” tab:


not really, at the end of a lesson i was given a video to watch, and it said you can follow the instruction to build your project.

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