How can I get more practice and learn more after finishing "Learn C#"?

I recently finished the course Learn C# and have been looking for the next thing to do. I found project Euler and completed the first few projects, but I found that it would be useful if I had knowledge in lists. I assume that there are more topics that weren’t covered in this course that I should learn before pursuing projects. I looked into some projects like one on Hacker Earth, but it seemed to require more skills than I had.

I haven’t decided what I want to use C# for. Right now, I just have a general goal of learning more C# until my skills have practical applications for a variety of projects. So I’d appreciate any ideas on useful projects or how to continue acquiring experience.

Hello @c_darling, welcome to the forums! After finishing the course, I would recommend doing a few projects before moving on to more learning. That way it helps to cement your knowledge, as well as giving you something fun to do. There are some projects on CC that probably give you challenges based off the curriculum (these require PRO, though). You could also set yourself a project to do, using the skills you have. If you want to extend your learning, places like Udemy offer other C# course, although I’m not sure about the content.