How can i get more JavaScript practice

I’m currently in the middle of the web Development Path. It’s not my first time trying to learn to code, so HTML and CSS, which are my gateway languages, went smoothly. I had a worse time going through JavaScript.

So I was wondering if there is any way to practice Javascript

I kind of enjoyed the last exercises of the opening course: CODE CHALLENGES: JAVASCRIPT FUNDAMENTALS. They were simple and sometimes repetitive, and it got me getting a little fluent. Does anywone know of anything where i can get some more practice like this? Repetitive, but increasingly difficult?

Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge, but i could think of ways of practicing HTML and CSS witouhg help (ex, mimicking an actual website). But i don’t know how to get more practice in JS.

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Since JavaScript is a browser API, think of small projects that involve HTML and user interaction.


freecodecamp sounds like a good place, it contains both exercises and challenges. And if you are after challenges something like codewars is worth a try

@mtf suggestion is also really good.


Any more info on how to do this, plz? I’m not sure i understand…

Let’s say you want to write a page that has a temperature conversion program behind it. You would need form controls to accept user input, which your script would need to poll, and validate, then pass it to the program to complete the coversion. Start with a base template, embed your CSS and write the script at the end of the body element, after all other content.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Always below the above line</title>




Save this as template.html in your projects folder and spin off a copy with each new project page. Change the title to the name of your project.

<title>Temperature Converter</title>

and give your page a top level heading of the same name…

<h1>Temperature Converter</h1>

Now add in the form controls (say three input fields) above the script element.

<label for="fahrenheit"><input id="fahrenheit" placeholder="F degrees"></label>
<label for="celsius"><input id="celsius" placeholder="C degrees"></label>
<label for="kelvin"><input id="kelvin" placeholder="K degrees"></label>

How will we get these fields into the JavaScript namespace? Hint: cached nodes and event listeners/handlers.

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