How can I do this?


var myOwnObject={
‘’: “Well done!”,
‘myOwnObject.age’: “Kevin”
var myOwnArray=[“Let’s move on, shall we?”, myOwnObject];

That’s my code and I don’t want to appear ( &age) but if I remove > (’__’) this won’t work anymore! I am confused!!!


if you remove this ' ' in the forum or lesson ?


if I remove that …myOwnObject won’t work anymore :sob:


You appear to be trying to use dot notation in literal notation.
Remember literal notation syntax looks like
var literalObject = {
property: something,
property: something,

And dot notation syntax looks like
var dotObject = new Object(); = something; = something; = something;

however, if you corrected your object, your output would look like
Let’s move on, shall we?’, { name: ‘Well done!’, age: ‘Kevin’ }

would be slightly more complicated to get your output to be “Let’s move on, shall we? Well done! Kevin”

(hint hint, array[postion].objectproperty)