How can I debug while doing Codecademy or Ruby/Rails


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I am not stuck on any exercise

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Hello, this may not be the relevant section of the forum, but it does have to do something with Ruby and I created a post and was not able to remove it, so I decided to post it hear.
Lately I have done some great improvement in the understanding of my code by debugging, I have been debugging a lot Javascript in the front end browser with the tools of chrome, below there is a picture, do not mind the error message.

I understand how much time I wasted in the last year by not debugging every line of code i wrote and stucking myself on stupid problems, also debugging and watching youtube videos of other people coding helped a lot, so I promised myself that debugging will be allways the first thing i learn in every new languages/application. As soon I will start ruby and then rails, and I worked with a Java based programming language called ABAP I am sure that it possible to debug also Ruby and also with the rail framework, maybe by developing with eclipse or with other staff…

So my question is, how do i do that? could you provide me a link to an explanatory video for this if not explained in codecademy courses or to documentation? Could you please provide me an answer etc… When i was coding with ABAP, i also was debugging the code, so i could understand what where the datastructure and how they were filled etc by my program… It was so easy to understand my mistakes and how the code worked.

I hope this will be with ruby and rails possible.
Thanks a lot for your help

I hope this is the right question, anyway trust me this debug staff is amazing ! So please do it for the community !

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As far as the console goes, well it’s Chrome’s javascript console. You won’t have much luck debugging ruby there.

I would personally recommend this site, assuming that you’re willing to put in the extra work. Unfortunately, Ruby requires a bit more grunt work when debugging than JavaScript and jQuery do. You could always get a code editor that points out syntax bugs for you.


Hello Javascriptjoee,

thanks a lot, I’ll try this.


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Best of luck to ya

Breakpoints are also a great thing to learn. They help with debugging most languages.


Thanks a lot, I am almost done with ruby. for now i found it similar and easier of javascript. It s fun!
Once i start working with rails i try to test the debugging…

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