How can I create a polymorphism of classes?

Hi, can I make a class with a lot of classes in the inside of this one? Its the only way I think one can accomplished polymorphism. Also, If I call a superclass that has a lot of subclasses, will it “call” only the superclass or will it call the superclass, I mean by this if I will only be able to use modify my data with the method inside the superclass, or if I call my superclass will I be able to use the methods inside that superclass?

That would not be the way to go.

based on the explanation in this lesson:

The following example qualifies as polymorphism:

class A:
    def abc(self):
        print('hello a')

class B:
    def abc(self):
        print('hello b')

class C:
    def abc(self):
        print('hello c')

a = A()
b = B()
c = C()

the same method does different things on different classes. Same for the + (see example in the lesson).

this is known as MRO, here is a an article:

that is a bit too much for a single forum post.

I have made an example, that is more practical:

class Circle:
    def __init__(self, radius):
        self.pi = 3.1415
        self.radius = radius

    def get_area(self):
        return self.radius ** 2 * self.pi

class Square:
    def __init__(self, length_a):
        self.length_a = length_a

    def get_area(self):
        return self.length_a ** 2

class Rectangle(Square):
    def __init__(self, length_a, length_b):
        self.length_b = length_b
    def get_area(self):
        return self.length_a * self.length_b
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