How can I choose the right coding bootcamp? Several options!

Hello folks,

I am currently looking for good bootcamps in Europe. So far I could start at Iron Hack (3 months) and Careerfoundry (5-6 months) and I am stuck in my decision. For this reason I have a few questions for you guys:

  • Do you think short (3 months) or longer (5-6 months) bootcamps make more sense and are more purposeful?
  • Can you recommend Iron Hack or Careerfoundry?
  • Are there other bootcamps from Europe that I should definitely contact?

Furthermore, I feel Iron Hack is shorter but much more hands-on, whereas Careerfoundry is more work on your own and means longer and more detailed training.

I currently have Wild Code School, Spiced and Super-Code in mind as possible bootcamps. Do any of you know them and can say something about them?

My sincere thanks for any help!