How can I change the URL for the codecademy about you webpage?

I just completed the About You Codecademy tutorial and I was wondering if I could change the URL to make it truly MY website.

Hello @lwright1221,

Can you please post your code, wrapped in three backticks (these things: `)…

No, you can’t

You can, however, rent server space and have a hosted website on the web. This could cost a little or a lot depending on who you’re with and what package you get (subdomains are normally free), but you would be able to make the URL your own.

The Codecademy exercise you completed cannot have the URL changed directly, but you could use the code in your rented server space and host it online.

@jibblyj is right, check the tips and resources section on our forum, it contains some guides about hosting

If you simple want to show your code, you can also use jsbin/jsfiddle/codepen. But if you want it to be your website, you will need to host it. Again, check the tip and resource section, it contains some good guides

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