How can I add strings in a dict starting by a value, and stop when this value appear again

I’m trying to take the string with “Defect” inside herself as a key value of a dictionary, and than put the strings that came between string with “Defect”, inside as values.

dict_ex = { }
maqs_defeito = ['Defect1 - 'table broken', 'broken', 'old', 'wet', 'Defect2 - 'Old chair', 'sold', 'wet', 'white']

for  item in maqs_defeito:
      if "Defect" in item:
        dict_ex[item] = { }

I want to take the itens between the strings that has “Defect” inside of them.
The output should be this:

dict_ex =  { 
        "Defect1": ['table broken', 'broken', 'old', 'wet'],
        "Defect2":[ 'Old chair', 'sold', 'wet', 'white']