How can I access HTML data form?

Hi everyone

I am trying to work on something and I need to access data that is being send by the users through a fairly simple form. I can receive it by e-mail or access in the file tree (or any other way?).

I am sure I need to go through the back-end and I was hoping I can use Node.js (or even Python) to achieve this. Another follow-up question would be what kind or resources do I need and how can I use them. In terms of a webserver, if I can do it from home, what kind of services they are out there…

Many thanks and much, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Using back-end is the way to go, nodeJS and python is both possible. Doesn’t matter much for you at this moment. If you are going python, there are several frameworks to help you (like django and flask), which also contain mail servers.

You can have a local dev environment, to deploy your code, i would host somewhere else (a VPS for example), hosting in your home network could be a security nightmare.

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Thank you very much.

Most likely I will try and keep my project on the JavaScript side. Which service you reckon is the best for hosting a small project? Probably 150 - 200 hits a month, with a simple form to be sent.

What is the form for? Are you sure doing all the work client side fits your purpose?