How can codecademy help me in my career?

I am new to coding and I understand I could learn the skills in this website.
But what will these courses give me to be able to find a job?
Are there any exams? Are these recognisable by employers?
What is your suggestion step by step for building a career stating from the courses you offer here?
Many thanks

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This video might help:

[Video] How Long Does It Take To Code?

Codecademy is mostly a teaching platform, you can learn to code.

At the moment there are no exams, although its a long time wise of codecademy to have certificates, implementing the certificates in such a way they have value is difficult. So hopefully this will come in the future.

The recommended strategy is to build a portfolio with what you learned. You can then present your portfolio to employers


Ok that makes sense.
I had no idea that a programming portfolio existed… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, in order to achieve this goal i recommend learning git and github

in essence, git is version control software, but this also allows any possible employers to see change you make (once you give them access)

anyway, that is for later, but i can highly recommend that.

Good luck! :slight_smile: You have a long journey ahead of you


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