How can a Java program analyze the content of a website?

I have a program named Wheeliam. Its job is to play “Wheel of fortune” (i.e. to guess a user’s word). It has a vocabulary as well. Each time it guesses a word, that word is added to its vocab set. Wheeliam uses its vocab to make better guesses (if you suggest a familiar word, it will take fewer attempts for him to guess it). Is there any way Wheeliam can check if the word does indeed exist before adding it to its vocabulary? Can he look it up in some online dictionary and find that out? Can it go to, for example, and check whether the page contains “Sorry, no results for”? How can I do that?

I did something similar and used a list of words rather than searching a website. Fortunately, some kind folks had already done the legwork;

If you were specifically looking for a way to check the word online, you could try searching for a ‘free spellcheck api’ and see if there are any that suit your needs.

Hope that helps

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I’m only about to find out what API is :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks anyway