How are you managing your progress? Study plan

I am starting the Full Stack Engineer path, and I am thinking of how I can manage my progress over time. I set a deadline for when I want to finish the path, but how will I know I am at the correct pace?

I am thinking of reviewing my progress every two weeks to see where I am at and using some resources like Notion or Trello to have an overview of my progress.

What are you doing to manage your study plans?
Any tips? Suggestions?

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Hello There! @ricardocarvalheira

Hope all is well.

I am also doing this Full Stack Engineer Path, and so far, I have kept track of my progress by the number of hours I am committing.

Because I work full-time, I can only study part-time. Therefore I commit 15 to 20 hours weekly. Based on my observation, when I decide to complete a module within a day, It usually takes 6-8 hours, and I believe this is because I am a beginner.

How do I manage my study plans?

  1. I schedule a specific time to work (for example, 3 to 6 hours block) between those hours that is my only focus.

  2. I use Codecademy ‘My Goal’ to hold me accountable. I set 5 days weekly as my goal. I love the encouragement badges they use to reward–when I am consistent with accomplishing the goal.

Tips and Suggestions
-As you go through this course, go at the pace that you can.

-Plan specific time slots to avoid overworking.

Though I don’t use specific software to track my progress, I do so based on the number of hours that I know for sure I can do.

I hope this helps.
Nice to meet you.

Happy Coding!


i have just started a JavaScript and i use 5 days a week too! everyone needs at least 2 days to chill. :sunglasses:


Hi There @radman1147

So very true.

I am just finishing up JavaScript and now on to DOM.

Continue to do well.

Happy Coding!