How are you managing your progress? Study plan

I am starting the Full Stack Engineer path, and I am thinking of how I can manage my progress over time. I set a deadline for when I want to finish the path, but how will I know I am at the correct pace?

I am thinking of reviewing my progress every two weeks to see where I am at and using some resources like Notion or Trello to have an overview of my progress.

What are you doing to manage your study plans?
Any tips? Suggestions?

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Hello There! @ricardocarvalheira

Hope all is well.

I am also doing this Full Stack Engineer Path, and so far, I have kept track of my progress by the number of hours I am committing.

Because I work full-time, I can only study part-time. Therefore I commit 15 to 20 hours weekly. Based on my observation, when I decide to complete a module within a day, It usually takes 6-8 hours, and I believe this is because I am a beginner.

How do I manage my study plans?

  1. I schedule a specific time to work (for example, 3 to 6 hours block) between those hours that is my only focus.

  2. I use Codecademy ‘My Goal’ to hold me accountable. I set 5 days weekly as my goal. I love the encouragement badges they use to reward–when I am consistent with accomplishing the goal.

Tips and Suggestions
-As you go through this course, go at the pace that you can.

-Plan specific time slots to avoid overworking.

Though I don’t use specific software to track my progress, I do so based on the number of hours that I know for sure I can do.

I hope this helps.
Nice to meet you.

Happy Coding!


i have just started a JavaScript and i use 5 days a week too! everyone needs at least 2 days to chill. :sunglasses:


Hi There @radman1147

So very true.

I am just finishing up JavaScript and now on to DOM.

Continue to do well.

Happy Coding!

Hello. This is my first post and just started python. I have done some Arduino programming and in each case I find it difficult to remember all the different things that I need to write even the simplest program. Any tips on how to retain the info from these courses?

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Hello @css6020759884

Though I am not studying python, I believe that we are facing similar challenges in reference with trying to retain the information from the course.

Here are some ways that I try to retain the materials from courses that I am currently studying on Codecademy.

Tip 1

Recall and Take Notes

As soon as you finish studying a module or section, try to recall the material by quickly writing what you remember. This is an excellent way to reinforce what you have learnt.

Tip 2

Study and Take Notes

As you study, take notes that you believe are important for you to know; anything that can be useful while you are studying that specific path.

Tip 3

Research and Reinforce

It is ok to search the internet for information that is similar. Everyone explains things differently. So take advantage of the resources that are available on the net. I find that nowadays we can find a video about almost any topic on youtube.

Tip 4

Study and Apply

Practicing the language daily can help significantly improve and recall information. I discovered as I am studying the Software Engineer Path (30mins to 1 hr daily), that the more I practice the more I improve in those different languages.

I hope that one of these tips will be of some use.

All the very Best with your studies.

Nice to meet you.

Happy Coding!
Anita :slightly_smiling_face: