How are graphs utilized in software development?



In the context of this lesson, introducing graphs, how are graphs utilized in software development?


Graphs are utilized in many different applications in software development. These applications range from modeling some real-world concept to being used in a program for solving a problem in graph theory.

The following are several of the possible applications of graphs in software development.

Graphs are used frequently for modeling real-life scenarios or structures, which act as a simulation of the real thing.

Social networks and e-commerce sites utilize graphs to represent large amounts of data and information, and how certain things are connected. Edges used in these graphs can represent things such as relationships, purchases, and many other types of concepts.

In operating systems, features such as compilers, processors, job scheduling, and other important things rely on graph concepts to implement.

Outside of purely programming and software, graphs are even utilized to plan workflows or to draw and design systems on whiteboards.