How are aside elements aligned?

Is the alignment of the <aside> element defined with CSS?

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That’s correct! Given a skeleton in HTML, we use CSS to style its structure.


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Can I use < aside > inside of an < article >?

Yes.You can use aside with article and section

I have a few question:

  1. How to use indentation for a paragraph?
  2. How to decide whether a content belongs to a section or an article ? I am confuse because you mentioned earlier you can have multiple section under an article and vice-versa. please explain it with an example if possible.
  3. can we use different styling for different sections?
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I guess that you can use

I have a question:
Is semantic HTML5 is useless or useful?

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Semantic HTML5 from my understanding and reading multiple forums about it is useful. It’s used to help both yourself and other developers understand eachother. The way you format using different elements make the entire HTML easier to read especially with today’s current HTML Files being so large.
The introduction piece to semantic-html said it has three main reasons to be used

Accessibility - Both to screen readers and for mobile platforms more easily understand good semantics.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Helps to increase traffic on websites with good semantics because of how search engines work.
Easy to Understand - Source code is easier to understand and give context as to what we’re referring to through good semantics. It also helps other developers check your work and if you have any issues give better criticism.