How about generic Advanced Python Course?

After you learned the basics from “Learn Python 3”, like syntax, data structures, functions, and classes, and instead of diving into specializations like web apps or data science, you want to master the language itself. I’d really like to complete something like “Learn Advanced Python”.

Some suggestions from stack overflow:

  • decorators/closures
  • generators
  • list comprehensions
  • map, filter, and lambda
  • metaprogramming
  • concurrency
  • multithreading vs multiprocessing
  • mutex
  • regex
  • protocols
  • PDB
  • Unit testing
  • continuous integration

All this probably scattered all over other courses, but I’d love to have some of it in one place. It also seems like great real-life skills.

As you say at least some of the things you mentioned are nestled away in various sections but they’re often very short introductions. Personally I’d be very happy for more Python courses but sticking in every possibility of the language might be a bit of an ask, especially since several of those points aren’t limited to Python.

If you come across others on CC then compiling a list of the possibilities would be helpful for anyone else in the future :smiley:.

As a potentially useful aside if I’m not mistaken the O’Reilly “Python Cookbook” covers the majority of those points as would similar slightly more intermediate/advanced texts on Python.

There are some brief lessons on list comprehensions in learn python3, nestled in the loops section -

Map, filter and lambda are arguably more important for Python 2 (and you can find a few lessons that use them in the Python 2 course) but they are only covered briefly again-

I think the natural language processing section is Python based and would inevitably use general regular expressions and I would assume also make use of Python’s re module (I have only done part of it so that may not be entirely correct)-


Thank you for detailed reply! I heard about O’Reilly “Python Cookbook”, and also theirs “Fluent Python”. I’m definitely going to read it, but I enjoy Codecademy’s format and hope one of these books will become a course one day.

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