Hove display data from the MySql 5.7.21 table in DataSet

For several days I’ve been struggling to display data from the MySql 5.7.21 table in DataSet. When I do not put a condition in the WHERE, it shows me the complete table. I only need part of the table PERSON where the column number is the between wnumber1 and wnumber2.
myConnectionString = pwput;
MySqlConnectionconpara = new MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection();
conpara.ConnectionString = myConnec DataSetionString;
if (conpara.State == ConnectionState.Open)
string wnumber1 = wnalog1.ToString();
string wnumber2 = wnalog2.ToString();
string nupita = “SELECT* FROM person WHERE years = wyears AND number >= wnumber1 AND number >= wnumber2 “;
MySqlCommandcmdnal = new MySqlCommand(nupita, conpara);
MySqlDataAdapte radda = new MySqlDataAdapter(cmdnal);
MySqlCommandBuildercbb = new MySqlCommandBuilder(adda);
DataSet dsd = new DataSet();
adda.Fill(dsd, “person”);