Hours for each career path

Hi All,

just wondering how many hours are required to finish each career path (not the weeks)
especially for computer science path and fullstack engineer path.
would really appreciate if any body could help me out here as I would like to extensively focus and complete these in short period of time


Hours are objective. Each individual has a different learning curve than the other. I personally spend 2-3 hours a day studying and practicing, while someone else could spend 4-5 hours.

So to answer your question, it really depends on how much time you personally spend studying.

I hope I have answered your inquiry.

The weeks are a guesstimate based on previous participation/usage by learners.
It’s all subjective. It depends on how one learns programming concepts and can then demonstratively apply them. You can put in tons of hours, but not learn anything.


How quickly did you manage to finish the courses studying two to three hours a day?

I am personally a quick learner, and the fact that I have previous experience in development helped me finish courses in a matter of weeks while someone else with the same hour allocation could spend a month or two maybe more.

It all depends on you.

I personally believe that comparing personal learning to somebody else, is inaccurate as two people are different and you may never reach the same pace or result.