Hot Date: Not All Arguments Converted During String Formatting


More than likely I made some mistake in the formatting but the error I keep getting is Your code threw the following error: not all arguments converted during string formatting

from datetime import datetime
now =

print '08/16/2016' % (now.month,, now.year)


This is just a raw string. I suggest you go over the lesson on string formatting/ advanced printing to understand what is going on there because it looks like you did not really grasp the concept.


Well sir, while that is great advice, and in fact I have already done that, this does not help me at all. Granted, from looking back at the previous lessons I probably should be able to tell what is wrong. However, I cannot. While this might be annoying to some I still need some help to see my error in the string. It might be simple and I will probably feel silly for asking but I would still like something even if just a hint or another forum discussion to help me see what I missed in those lessons to learn how complete this lesson.


You need to put a %s in place of all the numbers in that string.

Perhaps read the little tutorial here to help


Thank you very much! The tutorial is very nice as well for someone just starting on python :smiley: I will make sure to hang on to this resource


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