Hi everybody. My name is Ivan Sevilla, I enrolled this community because my teacher recommended me. In this moment I am a university student and I have a homework of Artifitial Intelligence and my job is just to explain the neuronal network with Hopfield. Especially developed in Visual Basic or .Net. I was surfing on google but I did not find any code. So I wonder if you can help with any code of this pattern of ANN Hopfield.

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Hello, and welcome to codecademy!

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ok thanks for your help, this is my first time with this webpage so I need to get used to it.


Hopfield Artificial Neural Network on GitHub :slight_smile: Hope it helps.

Also could be good if you take a look at this book I saw on StackOverflow about Neural Network in C#: Programming Neural Networks with Encog3 in C#. To check if there is something that can be helpful to you :slight_smile: