Homework java

Hi, i am new to java. And i have this assignment. It’s a banking application. Can someone help me get through this, please .

Can you please explain a bit more about what the project is?

So basically I need to be able to perform the folllowing task
This application allows the user to perform the following 7 tasks:
• [1] Add a new Client
• [2] Create a new Account
• [3] Make a Deposit
• [4] Make a Withdrawal
• [5] List Account Transactions
• [6] List Clients
• [7] List Client Accounts

This is not really in my area of coding, someone else will have to help you.

What’s in your area of coding ?

I am decent at actually coding but proficient in computers, like Bash and specific back end engineering skills, that’s my area of coding.

Unfortunately we can’t just give away answers on the forums, but if you provide us with the code you’ve already come up with, and your thinking, we can help you understand it guide you more. To see how to format code in your posts visit ->this<- post.

A good way to tackle tasks that you’re not sure about is to sit down with a pencil and paper and figure out how you would do it manually. Once you’ve done that, try writing instructions for your friend on how to do it. Then, turn those instructions into words that sound like code (for every item in the x list… or if this equals this then…). This is pseudo code. Now, you should be able to turn this pseudo code into real code relatively easily.


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