Homeschoolers who are into coding and enjoy Codecademy

This is where me and my fellow homeschoolers as well as anybody else who’s interested can encourage each other in our aspirations.


Sounds good to me! :yum:

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What coding language are you studying on Codecademy? I study Python. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m studying the “Web Development” course and just started on Python as well

Hi! I’m a homeschooler and I got into coding because my grandpa is a computer programmer with 40+ years of experience, so he really pushed me to try it. I’m currently doing the Introduction to HTML course. I’m best at JS and HTML, but I’ve dabbled in Ruby and Python as well.

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That’s really cool that your grandpa 40 years programming experience since computers weren’t nearly as mainstream back then :wink:. You’ll be glad you started coding. What country do you live in BTW.

I’m homeschooled too!!
Right now I’m picking up Python again. I started coding 5 years ago, but I’ve never been consistent enough to completely learn a language.