Hola Amiguitos!

Hey there, this is Metabitt, I just signed up to the Full Stack Engineer pro account and to this challenge! Hope all you could make the goal, greetings from Lima, Perú.


Thanks @metabitt. I hope that you to will be able to finish your 30-day challenge and learn something amazing during this period of time!
Best of Luck!


Good luck, 30 day challenges are difficult, but if you work hard, you can get past it. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Suerte Metabitt!! Conta con los foros ya que son muy útiles.

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Thanks friends! I’m sure you’ll see me here from time to time, I’m getting familiar with all the new ideas that the path(?) has :sweat_smile: . Espero poder conocerlos mas, mas adelante!

Mucha sueste! I’m sure you’ll do great :smiley:

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Espero que vocês terminem em breve eu sou um dia 25 não é difícil, mas bem o seu ok e espero que este é português do Brasil o seu speaing em

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