Ho to solve this commit history


You are on your local master branch. In your commit history, the commit message of the HEAD commit is:

Add first question to Physics quiz

From the terminal, merge with origin/master, where Sally's most recent commits are.

Git Teamwork

I believe it is:
git fetch origin,
followed by git merge master/origin

hope this helps

(originally answer posted by danishnanozero in another thread)


correct answer is:

step 1:
cd my-quizzes

step 2:
git fetch origin
git merge origin/master

step 3:
git log


Thanks it`s really work!


hey guys ,that is a good solution.
If it does not work at the beginning,
clear the terminal (git init )and try again.


Refreshing the browser and doing the git fetch and git merge origin/master over again is what did the trick for me.


Here too. I totally missed using fetch first.
But does your output look the same? I don't see any deletions on mine.

My light went green so I can move on, so I assume things change from time to time in the repo as they update &/or reset it.


Hello there, I got the answer right, but why would git fetch origin
git merge origin/master works? could someone explain if possible?