Hmtl/css projects extremely difficult


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Hello everyone! I’m hoping someone can help, I finished all of the html/ css lessons & did pretty well on most of the quizzes but am now having an insanely difficult time with the projects towards the end of the course. Though I dont have a problem with getting stuck or asking for help it feels like this is happening way too often and just seems way too advanced given what i’ve learned thus far.

has anyone else experienced this? and does anyone have any advice? I’m feeling really defeated and angry at myself for not understanding at the moment. thank you.
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I just took other courses, non-codeacademy whenever I found something I really didn’t understand.

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build your own projects for a bit, so you can just do some trial and error to get a betterp understanding. Do the make a website course, that will help

Find other resources to learn more. The project are pretty though, but i think are designed that way. Use MDN and bootstraps documentation to take your time to read things. Projects are designed to take time, and improve your coding skill


I am actually in the exact same situation with Javascript, i completed the whole course then completed the jQuery course and find myself at a dead end when i try and do the final and projects.

I can tell you from my experience that I am also doing a course on another site (not sure if i can mention names), which helps me get the same content, sometimes less or sometimes more, from a different point of view and it helps me out greatly. So now i’m doing the codecademy course, then i do the other course that matches then i come back to codecademy and work on finals and followup with going to the other course doing the same.

For me it is working just perfect.

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to hit me up, i’m always willing to help!


Thanks! that’s a better way to look at it, I guess I am just scared to move forward to javascript or jquery in the future without fully understanding everything html/ css but I guess I just need to give it some time and be patient.

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“Just keep doing it”, “Repetition is best with coding”, “just keep creating”… These are just some of the things you will hear, trust me i hear it all the time whenever i talk about it or ask a question. It really rings true when it comes to coding, just keep plugging at it and it will go smoother each time.

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good idea! thanks! I think the hardest part some times is just pin-pointing what it is that’s even throwing you off to begin with haha

When that happens to me, i just throw it all out and start again. Eventually i’ll figure out what was wrong by eventually doing it right. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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well, learning everything from html + css is going to take a while, you can move on to javascript, that is alright. Then you can use javascript/jquery in combination with html and css, which will help you understand html and css better.

It is difficult in the beginning, i have been there. Trust me, if you keep programming, making small projects, learn another programming language, read something, watch a video and so on, your understanding will improve. Remember: everyone started from scratch, and had there struggle points, and the struggle points can become huge learning points when you wrestled through them :slight_smile:


I’m the same, finished the javascript course then attempted the final project, was faced with stuff i haven’t learned, really stuck on setting up the folder directory, properly linking .js file to the index.html and creating an alert, can’t figure it out really and have tried the online help/chat. It’s very frustrating. I can only think it must be for people with more experience outside of just the javascript beginners course.

you can always use external documentation (like MDN), which you are going to need for the projects. I think the projects are good preparation for real life work, then you also don’t get everything you need explained in a exercise, you need to check documentation and so on. Yes, it is quit a leap to make, agreed. But at certain point, you have to make the leap. Challenging? Most certainly? Frustrating? Totally. Satisfying when completed? Absolutely! :smiley:

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Wow, we are in the same same situation. I have currently finished html/css on every free website I could find. The funny thing is when I started with my first real project it was ■■■■ and I am struggling on different projects. Though I feel like I can move to JS now, I feel like I am not worthy enough lol until I get done with the projects. But, the thing I found is that coding is a lot easier when you have a partner or you are in a team. But, in some ways that may take away from your learning or help you in your learning, depends. and having a mentor will do even better.