Hit a real snag :(

Hello friends,

Recently i’ve been working on a project that involves creating your first HTML/CSS website. I’m following part 2 of the guidelines on YouTube and for some reason I cannot seem to get some of the code to colorize in VSC. I assume if it doesn’t color code that it isn’t being registered into the document.

My issues are primarily with the code “background-size” as well as the images not showing up on the site. See Below! Thank you in advance for your input!

Visual studio code tells you have have a problem at line 75 as you can see by the gray color and red wavy line under the colon

this problem is caused by the fact you forgot a semi-colon at the end of line 74

seems you have been copy pasting, the semi-colon is missing at more places. Use the hints/syntax highlight your text-editor gives you to solve them


Wow! Thank you so much for catching that! I was so confused. I need to be more diligent about using the semi colons. I may have just assumed the closed parenthesis did the same thing, not sure exactly how I mixed those up!

Thank you so much for the swift reply!