Hint is useless in "4. Your 'if' statement" Push text


The Hint is too simple to be of any use. The instructions say don't put anything in the {} yet, but the hint gives no clue that it's a good idea to add variable j - or whatever name. I'm stymied. I can't copy and paste solutions from the forum but that doesn't teach me anything.


Sorry but which lesson? I can't find any “4. Your ‘if’ statement”exercice in "6. Search Text for Your Name" lesson.


Sorry, I'm struggling here because the runner at the bottom of the page said “4. Your ‘if’ statement.” I don't know how else to assign it. I'm doing the for-if-for lesson on our own text.

I got past that to the next one because I copied from the forum. Just want to note that the hint did me no good at all - feedback for the codeacademy team.

I'm really frustrated by this lesson. On the next part, I've checked it character-by-character with the "Eric" for-if-for example and can't find anything wrong, yet still getting errors. I'm not asking for someone to check my code here, just want the CA team to improve the hint(s).


Still confused. You mean the "4. Find the first letter" exercice?

Anyway, just copy/paste your current code please. Thanks