Hi, The basic course Python does not work


I tried to do the lesson functions in python but it gives me an error and tells me to refresh the page but still fails to recharge


Perhaps you've got non-ascii characters in your code? I think the code files are encoded as ascii and if you use non-ascii well, uhh.. bad times.

Python happily reads unicode files, it's Codecademy's fault

And if the English version is an alternative, I suggest using that instead. (Generally I think code should be in English, the more who can read it the better, I'm Swedish, reading code with Swedish names and stuff in it makes me cringe.. Spanish is of course a much bigger language, but even so, if you can help it, English :))
^opinion, I might just be misguided


the solution is use the version in english ? my english is bad!


i use Translate of Google xD


No, the solution, which is more of a question really, is whether you have any non-ascii characters in your code. If so, you should remove those.

Using English was a suggestion to avoid things like this entirely, but I don't think that is required to get past this exercise.