Hi, Query for Learn Data Analysis with Pandas course

In Learn Data Analysis with Pandas course, it is mentioned to have pre-requisites knowledge of python 2. I have completed Python 3 course. Can still study this course. Will there be any difficulty in doing it?? Link of the course in deescription

I doubt there will be much difference for a course using pandas so it’s unlikely to cause many issues. The only major change that springs to mind is the division operator / (python2 returns int when dividing int by int, unlike py3).

Minor bits include certain things like zip and range producing lists instead of iterable objects (print syntax changed but cc already covers it). If you’re concerned about things that could potentially be different then have a look into the differences between python 2 and 3 with a web search but the language changes certainly aren’t large enough to prevent you completing this module even if they could cause minor annoyance.


I didn’t know that this was a course in itself. This Pandas portion is part of a larger skill path, Introduction to Data Analysis, or, Analyze Data w/Python. It’s also included in the DS path. So, if you do it, it will show as completed in those other areas.

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