Hi My name is Samir from France ! hello all!


Hi all my name is Samir from France !

I m happy to be in this forum , in CA ! I m beginner in coding .
I m Learning as well in Free Code Camp . I was advised to come here too .

So here is the question I wanted to ask :

"Where can I find the INDEX.HTML ? in " Check out our profile for King Kong in index.html and the Result tab to the right."

Thanks a lot !"


Hi Samir,

Are you able to see the index.html tab highighted in the image when you visit the page?


@samir you can also try for practice labs repl.it

Try your code here and Enjoy…


Thanks Aexnitin for your fast answer .
_Yes I saw the index.html tab , but when I click on it , it doesn’t work . Nothing moves ? I don’t know why
(_thanks very much for the link to labs repl.it)

Thanks a lot


if u share your code and screen shot with us then its easy to understand where you stuck.

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It is the same screen as yours . exactly the same . It's written :"Check out our profile ...right" than I click on index.html (squarred in red) and then nothing happened .
It happened the same when I wanted to start Java Script and I was asked to go to line 4 and edit the Editor Page but I couldn"t (doc joined)


To complete my answer , is index.html equal to Result tab ? Is the same thing ? Do I have to click on Full screen (the King Kong image) . Or do I have to click on the world index.html in the red squarre you show me ?
Thanks a lot for your answer


Hey Sameer its working fine on my machine or server.

please try once again > sign up with codeacademy using codeacademy sign up page.

try if its working let me know. otherwise i will find some another option Thanks Sameer


@aexnitin No, don't use Codecademy Labs. They're not being maintained anymore, and will likely be removed soon. Use https://repl.it or http://codepen.io instead. Repl.it is built by the same guy who made Codecademy Labs, but has more languages and is being maintained. And CodePen is one of the best places on the web to mess around with webpage-y stuff.


I think that's already because you're on the index.html tab then... ?
I don't know why you would be having the same problem across multiple courses, though (side note: Java and JavaScript are completely different languages). You should probably report the problem in the sub-category for bugs.

The index.html tab is where you put your code. The result tab is where you view the result of your code, and it's to the right of the code editor. To view the result full size, click either the View in full screen button on the bottom of the preview window, or the resize icon in the upper-right of the preview window.


Thanks very much for your help ! It was my browser . I reset it and then it worked . Thanks for your help .