Hi, little help with an exercise


Hi, I am trying to write in the terminal after the exercise required me to use a gets.chomp command but I can’t write in the terminal, SOS


Well, if you could please give us a little bit more information on your problem like what lesson you are on, a link to your lesson, and probably a screenshot of your issue then we can get a better idea of what your issue is and whether its a bug or an error in your code :+1:


Hey @bibleman13, I got the code from the course assistant but It seems that in the other exercises I can’t use the terminal either. I am in the 6th lesson now. Thanks for your prompt response


Hmmm that is very interesting. Can you post a screenshot of this? There have been issues as such in the past…

Edit: Terminal wont allow me input the name after gets.chomp
yep thought this sounded familiar… unfortunately no real answer was given on this… but once we can see your screen and lesson I think we can get some expert help to see what the deal is here.

Also maybe some of these discussion threads will help your problem…

As one can tell seemingly there have been issues on the lesson before but not necessarily a bug so maybe it will help you figure out whats going on with yours :smiley:


Thanks for your help everybody!


Hope your issue gets resolved! :smiley: please let us know how it goes :+1:


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