Hi! Let's Get To Know Each Other!


Hi, I'd like to be familiar with people on here! Feel free to post on this topic anytime. Thanks, and just remember, CODING ROCKS!!!!!:boom::boom::boom:


Hi! My name is Kat, and I'm a PIT(Programmer In Training) Here on Codecademy! I came from KhanAcademy to here so I could get more advanced in coding! And yes, CODING ROCKS!!!!:grinning::smile::joy:


Just wanted to let you guys know that there's a welcome post which you can introduce yourself on :slight_smile: click here


I know, but every one has already posted on that one.


What? Everyone has already posted? I don't understand what you're saying.. You could still post this in the welcome topic?


it means that a lot of people have already posted in it. codecatesyarchitect just wanted to start a new thread!


Exactly. I just hoped some people would go on this one, too.:slight_smile: